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Business Overview

The need for groundbreaking solutions in the field of mental health is greater than ever. Occentis is well positioned to meet this demand with first-in-class treatments that have the potential to transform the lives of millions. Our innovative approach, backed by decades of research at the prestigious CNRS, holds the key to addressing unmet needs in neuropsychiatric, neurobehavioural, emotion regulation, social cognition, and neurodevelopmental disorders. Join us in making a lasting impact on the future of mental health.

Our team has a proven track record in drug development and commercialisation. Our business model has a a core strategic collaborations with pharmaceutical companies. This approach allows us to leverage the global reach and established infrastructure of these industry leaders, minimising costs and accelerating the path to market. By taking our candidates to their inflection points, we aim to generate value for both Occentis and its shareholders.

Investing in pharma biotech new drugs

Occentis is proud to have assembled a world-class Board of Directors with extensive experience and expertise in the pharmaceutical industry. Comprising seasoned professionals and leaders in their respective fields, our board members bring a wealth of knowledge and strategic vision to guide our company's growth and success.

Our board consists of experienced individuals with deep industry insight, encompassing drug development, commercialisation, regulatory affairs, and corporate partnerships. Their collective expertise allows us to navigate the complex landscape of the pharmaceutical sector, ensuring sound decision-making and effective execution of our business strategies.

Our board members play a vital role in shaping Occentis's vision and providing valuable guidance to our management team. They bring industry relationships, strategic perspectives, and a commitment to advancing the development of innovative therapies for patients in need.

With their proven track records and dedication, our board members exemplify the appropriate standards of corporate governance and leadership relative to the size of the company. Their contributions help position Occentis as a trusted and forward-thinking organisation, driving us towards our mission of transforming the landscape of healthcare in our areas of focus.

Our Scientific Leadership Team comprises a group of experts who are at the forefront of scientific innovation and drug development. With their knowledge and experience, they drive our research and development efforts.

Our Scientific Leadership Team consists of accomplished scientists, researchers, and medical professionals who bring a diverse range of expertise to our organisation. They possess deep understanding and specialisation in mental health and neuroscience in general, as well as other therapeutic fields, allowing us to tackle the most challenging medical needs.

The Scientific Leadership Team's extensive industry experience, coupled with their commitment to scientific innovation, enables us to identify and develop novel treatments that have the potential to make a significant impact on patients' lives. Together, we are pushing the boundaries of innovation and working towards a future where unmet medical needs are addressed through groundbreaking treatments.

Occentis operates on a highly effective and financially prudent business model that positions us as a compelling investment opportunity in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our business model is built upon the strategic integration of drug development expertise, collaboration with research institutions, and a focus on securing corporate partnerships with pharmaceutical companies at an early stage. By leveraging these key elements, we have created a streamlined and efficient approach to bringing novel drugs to market.

Our emphasis on collaboration and strategic partnerships enables us to access a global network of research institutions, biotech companies, and academic experts. This collaborative approach minimises costs and expands our scientific knowledge base, providing us with a competitive advantage in the industry.

Through our business model, we de-risk the drug development process by focusing on compounds with proven potential and advancing them to a stage where they become attractive to larger pharmaceutical companies. This strategy not only optimises our resources but also positions us for corporate deals and licensing agreements, ensuring a significant return on investment for our shareholders.

Occentis' strategy as a route to market is through corporate deals, either licensing the rights for each product to companies which are in the sector. This could be done on a world-wide level with multinational companies, or at a regional or even national level with local companies, in return of royalties and milestone payments. The Company intends to enter into industry partnerships early, which minimises the need for capital. The strategy of the company in terms of commercialisation means that it does not need to set up and fund a sales and marketing organisation and can access directly the substantial worldwide selling capabilities and structures of the big pharma companies. This strategy and options are in-line with the Company's focus on maintaining a low-cost base and avoiding hiring numerous commercial people. Importantly, as a validation for this rationale, the strategy capitalises on the trends in the pharmaceutical industry for licensing new products and acquisitions.

The global pharmaceutical drugs market is estimated at $1.14 trillion in 2022 and is expected to reach $1.64 trillion in 2026 at a CAGR of 9.5%, according to a report by Research And Markets published in September 2022.

CNS-Related Disorders: Occentis' products in development exhibit promise across a spectrum of central nervous system (CNS) disorders, with a particular focus on:

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD):
The ASD market, valued at $1.85 billion in 2021, is projected to reach $3.17 billion by 2029 (CAGR 7.4%). Despite the prevalence of ASD (1 in 88 in the USA), there remains a lack of FDA-approved drugs addressing core symptoms.

Pain and Neuropathic Pain (NP):
In 2020, the Pain Management Therapeutics market was valued at $72.06 billion, with the NP market at $10.8 billion (CAGR 12.9%). The demand for innovative analgesics to reduce reliance on opioids is paramount.

Addiction - Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD):
In 2016, over 5% of global deaths were attributed to alcohol consumption. The AUD market was valued at $6.4 billion in 2020, experiencing an 8.4% CAGR. Oxytocin shows potential in mitigating stress-related responses associated with addiction.

In addition, our lead drug candidates have potential to alleviate anxiety-related symptoms, addressing emotional regulation and trauma-related symptoms, addressing opioid dependence and related conditions. Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Prader-Willi Syndrome and Opioid Addiction represent a further substantial market opportunity.


The Code of Conduct determines the way in which the company works towards achieving its mission and objectives and governs the way everyone conducts themselves.

- Conduct business with honesty, integrity and transparency.
- Strive for professionalism in everything we do.
- Embrace continuous improvements and innovation.
- Treat everyone with dignity and respect.
- No compromise on quality.
- Reliability and consistency in delivering what is promised.
- Result orientation and customer dedication.

The Directors of Occentis recognise that as a player in the health sector that is prevalent globally, it will strive to act responsibly and at all times to uphold its foundation and business values.

Global Reporting Initiative

Reporting Framework
- Providing useful information Integrated beyond financial statements.
- How companies create value in the short, medium and long-term.
- Through strategy governance.
- Environmental considerations.
- Social considerations.

The aim therefore is for the Directors to provide transparent, forward- looking information by:

- Reporting on the different categories of capital and demonstrating the connectivity between these.
- Showing how tangible and intangible assets create financial and non-financial value, both inside and outside the organisation.
- Reporting on Non-financial performance increasingly becoming very important.
- Always being seen that the company is doing the right things right.
- Constantly improving the perception of the company.
- Linking strategy with the day-to-day running of the company.

Corporate Social Responsibility

- We are committed to our role as a conscientious and ethical corporate entity within the global community. Our vision extends beyond developing groundbreaking pharmaceutical solutions; it encompasses our dedication to ethical, environmental, cultural, and social responsibility.

- As we aspire to bring our innovative products to markets worldwide, we recognise the significance of fostering enduring relationships built on quality, trust, and respect with all our customers and stakeholders. Our commitment to CSR is not just a statement; it's a core principle that guides our actions and decisions every day.

- We embrace the responsibility to make a positive impact on the world, contributing to the well-being of individuals and communities alike. Our mission is not only to revolutionise mental health treatment but to do so with a deep sense of accountability and purpose. Together, we shape a brighter future for all.

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Summary of Articles

Our Articles of Association govern the delegation of daily management responsibilities within our company, ensuring compliance with the legal frameworks of Belgium, France, and the U.K. This involves assigning individuals to handle day-to-day operations, in accordance with the respective laws of these countries. The board of directors determines the terms and limits of this delegation.

The general assembly, comprising shareholders, holds a pivotal role in our governance structure. Our Articles of Association outline the process for convening meetings, shareholder admission requirements, proxy representation rights, and the election of assembly officers. Key decisions made by the assembly include the approval of annual accounts, profit distribution, dividend payments, and the processes related to the dissolution and liquidation of the company, aligning with the legal requirements of these three countries.

Our Articles of Association provide a cohesive framework that adheres to the legal regulations of Belgium, France, and the U.K., ensuring the effective delegation of management responsibilities, the role of auditors, and the functioning of the general assembly within our company.