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New Horizons in Mental Health

Pioneering novel treatments for Autism, Pain and Addiction

We're on a mission to revolutionise addiction and pain treatment. Founded on the principles of cutting-edge science and dedication, we're driving innovation in addiction therapeutics, pain management, and autism treatment.

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Our Focus

We specialise in groundbreaking research and drug development to combat autism, pain and neuropathic pain, addiction disorders, including alcohol and opioid addiction as well as a range of other mental health conditions like anxiety, PTSD and PWS.

Our Unique Approach

Occentis leverages a novel small-molecule compound, with the potential to reshape the landscape of addiction, pain, and autism treatment. Our exclusive drug, along with our research, forms the cornerstone of our commitment.

Experienced Team

Occentis is led and supported by a diverse team with complementary expertise from the medical sciences with long academic and industrial research experience as well as from the pharmaceutical industry and the capital markets.

The Pressing Unmet Healthcare Challenge

We are dedicated to tackling some of the most pressing unmet healthcare challenges through pioneering research and innovation. Our focus areas include Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Chronic Pain Management, and Addiction.

million people have Autism Spectrum Disorder
million people suffer from alcohol-use disorders
million had or have opioid use disorder
$ billion - Pain Management Therapeutics market (2021)

Our mission is to transform lives by advancing neuroscience, mental health, and pharmaceutical innovation.

By addressing unmet healthcare challenges, we aim to make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and communities around the world.

Drug Development

Occentis excels in translating scientific discoveries into viable therapeutics. With a dedicated team and strategic partnerships, we navigate the complex drug development process, optimizing efficacy, safety, and commercial potential for breakthrough medicines.

Collaborative Commercialisation

We strategically align with global pharmaceutical companies, leveraging their infrastructure, with our protected Intellectual Property, to ensure cost-efficient, sustainable growth and maximise the global impact of our innovative solutions in the dynamic landscape.

Pharma Trends

The surging healthcare expenditure, escalating rates of chronic illnesses, and expanding acquisition opportunities not only drive innovation but also attract significant interest from pharmaceutical companies looking to license new drugs from biotech companies.

Investing in Transformative Solutions

Substantial unmet medical needs in the diseases we are targetting, present a unique opportunity to benefit patients around the world, as well as their families, carers and health systems.

Inter-disciplinary capabilities

Occentis is committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation by fostering multidisciplinary research collaborations. We engage with world-leading research institutions such as the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research), companies, universities, and to leverage diverse expertise, capitalise on collaboration opportunities, and drive advancements in drug development. Additionally, our strategic partnerships enable us to access specialized resources and capabilities through Contract Research Organizations (CROs), ensuring efficient and effective progress in our drug development programs.

Project Team Consortium

Shaping Tomorrow's Mental Health Landscape

Our Ingenious Approach

Our scientific approach centers around harnessing the potential of oxytocin, a hormone with diverse neurobiological functions, to address complex healthcare challenges such as autism, chronic pain, and addiction. We've developed a promising oxytocin receptor agonist, that offers a novel and exciting pathway to improve the lives of individuals affected by these conditions. Our research is driven by the profound impact oxytocin can have on social behavior, pain modulation, and addiction, offering hope for transformative treatments.

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